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We protect those who protect us!

The Kibo mission statement is very simple: It is to save lives. Kibo focus ballistic resistant buildings are designed to protect the people we rely on to protect us. If we don't protect them against violent or armed attack we can't expect them to protect us, our staff, our property and, perhaps, even our families.
G Glentos SA was established in 1998 to manufacture pre-fabricated buildings. The company is located at Sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece and trades under the Kibo brand. Today it produces a range of ballistic resistant cabins as well as traditional buildings and supplys clients in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
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Certifications & Ballistics

We protect those who protect us!
To ensure that we can provide the optimum protection for the people who protect us our buildings are tested both in the laboratory in field against ballistics and blast and are designed with critical infrastructure security.
Kibo Cabins


About Kibo's History

The company started production of pre-fabricated ‘cabins’ in 1998 which were designed in an innovative way for various applications including use as guard houses.
In 2004 the company won a design competition for bullet proof sentry boxes/guard houses to be used by the police during the Athens Olympics of that year.

Subsequently the new Kibo focus range of ballistic resistant buildings was expanded and is now sold to governments and major corporationsworldwide.


Worldwide sales


G Glentos operates internationally through local country-specific agents and distributors which are managed by the London sales office.



The Glentos Kibo factory is located at Sindos, near Thessaloniki, Greece. The factory is fitted out with high quality cutting, welding and painting machinery in order to handle ballistic resistant steel.

All design and manufacturing processes are computer controlled using the latest technologies to ensure optimum outputs.

The company operates an international sales and agency support office in London, UK.
Kibo Cabins

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