One-man – focus Kf1

One-man – focus Kf1

Originally designed to protect security personnel who guard buildings, critical infrastructure, military sites, borders and private individuals.


One-man – focus Kf1


Kibo focus ballistic resistant buildings for one man are designed and are constructed in order to save people's lives.

One one-man units are designed to provide basic protection to one guard who may need to retreat to a secure building if threatened but who will probably spend most of his time outside.

It is typically seen as a ‘bolt-hole’ in times of danger.


Standard Features of Kibo focus ballistic resistant building for one person:

  • Units can be fitted with WC, beds and small kitchen
  • Same designs used for permanent and portable applications, and ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ targets
  • Mobile and lightweight air-portable versions which can be slung under helicopters
  • Air conditioner/heater
  • Shooting ports
  • Corner flood lights
  • Reflective, splinter proof windows
  • Telephone
  • Inter-phone (P.A system)
  • Lighting
  • Power points
  • Seat
  • Desk
  • Refrigerator
  • First Aid pack


For further information download the Kibo focus brochure here.


Product photos

Kibo Cabins
Kibo Cabins
Kibo Cabins

Certifications & Ballistics

We protect those who protect us!
To ensure that we can provide the optimum protection for the people who protect us our buildings are tested both in the laboratory in field against ballistics and blast and are designed with critical infrastructure security.
Kibo Cabins

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