We Save people's lives!


Guard huts have been rigorously tested primarily against ballistic standards, but also against blast.

Products are tested under both laboratory conditions and live firing demonstrations. All of the steel and glass used in the manufacture of bullet proof products is tested in Nato registered of the Us National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standand 0108.04 Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials.

The standard specifies the testing methods and outcomes for a range of ammunition types, the highest being Level IV which demands resistance from 30 cal.(7,62x51) rounds and which is the minimum performance achieved by our products range.

Live firing demonstrations are also carried out for potential customers either at our factory or at the clients'facility, where the products are exposed to extreme testing. A range of calibres of ammunition up to 50 cal. (12,7x99 NATO)machine gun rounds are fired at the products. As an example, the biggest test to date involved the firing of over 120 rounds at 2-man focus sentry box without achieving a single penetration of either the steel or glass. Documentation is available to potential clients.

Kibo Cabins
Kibo Cabins
All kibo's products comply with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) ballistic standard Level IV or higher (NATO NCAGE CODE:G1954).

Certifications & Ballistics

We protect those who protect us!
To ensure that we can provide the optimum protection for the people who protect us our buildings are tested both in the laboratory in field against ballistics and blast and are designed with critical infrastructure security.
Kibo Cabins


About Kibo's Experience

We Save people's lives!
Since 2004 G Glentos SA has developed an enviable record of satisfting the most demanding clients in what is a very specialised and critical life-saving business sector.Many of our clients are repeat customers, some on multiple occaisions, which underlines the very high level of customer satisfaction achieved.

We never stand still!


From the first Kibo focus competition winning design for the Greek police force to the latest defendermodel the Company is constantly innovating. Improvements to quality and performance drive the Company’s success and are hard-wired in its ethos.


Although the Company produces a range of standard buildings its main skill is in manufacturing ballistic resistant structures so it is able to respond to requests for bespoke solutions to virtually any need where the protection of people from armed attack is required.


The warranty provided by the Company covers the building structure and is ior the life of the building. The electrical components – AC, lights etc., and any other externally supplied components carry the specific manufacturers warranty.

We Save people's lives!

About Kibo's Safety

Ensuring that the guard is kept safe is not just about protecting him from attack but from ensuring he is comfortable during an attack and that he is safe if he suffers a medical emergency. The cabin therefore features non-spall glass to prevent glass shards or dust entering it if the windows are hit, automatically closing fresh air vents in the event of a blast attack and an emergency evacuation facility to enable his rescue if he becomes physically unable to get out of the cabin following a heart attack, for example. .
Kibo Cabins

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